AnnaLeena Prykäri

(Born 1985 in Tornio, Finland)

Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden



In my work I want to retain the raw. Permit the work be straight and honest.

Form takes its own space. Speaks its own language. Creates a dialogue between innermost and surrounding. From our main base. That, which once lacked sophistication, has now been polished into a clean version of itself.

I recreate memories from the past. Past interactions that are building a history for today. Creating a room which is fluent and partly invisible. Where shadow can not be tamed. Pieces that create their own landscape which is affected by the light. 

Role of the light creates its own abstract world. Gives a viewer a state to select a language of her or his own shadow. 

I choose materials which in their own sensibility reflects opposite worlds with rough and gentle. In my material choices I let the material itself keep its own personalized language. The starting point for my work is a complete concept which develops during the process.